What Are Termites

Termites are very harmful insects (pests) known for their wood-eating habits. They mostly feed on deal plant material and cause to make serious structural damage to buildings, crops or plantation forests. Hence, they are best known for causing a great damage to timber. They damages timbres or wooden products by eating or removing the cellulose which is the primary food for them. They make timbers hollowed and useless. They live underground and move inside their source through underground tunnels. Probably you have seen dried mud or soil lining the tunnels to wooden structures infected with termites. They eat cellulose non stop, 24 hours of a day, seven days of a week. They may cause up to $2 billion in damage every year. In April 2011, termites were blamed for reportedly damaging more than $220,000 worth of Indian rupees notes. Hence, you must not avoid very early sighs of these highly harmful and destroyer insects in your residential or commercial properties.

Types of Termites

  • Dampwood
  • Drywood
  • Subterranean
  • Formosan

Dampwood: Dampwood termites generally live and feed on very moist wood. To avoid these kinds of termites keep damp wood away from you home. Make sure water exhausts away from your residence.

Drywood: Drywood termites feed on dry woods as the name suggests. They also live on wallpapers, paper products, cartons, fabrics and other products made from wooden cellulose. To avoid these drywood termites store dry wooden extra piece of furniture or logs away from your residence. You must seal all crevices and cracks around the outside of your home so that termites cannot enter.

Formosan: Formosan termites generally live on wood and fabrics made from plants or wooden cellulose. They may help making space for new plant life by eating up dead trees. But they may cause damages to your wooden things too. So, you must take prevention to avoid damages caused by them.

Subterranean: Subterranean termites eat woods, wallpapers, papers, cartons, fabrics and other things made from plants and wooden cellulose. They are most destructive kind of termites. They can cause very expensive damages to houses and other properties. So, you must follow prevention and control solution as earlier you see the signs of their presence.

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