5 Latest Technologies for Controlling

5 Latest Technologies for Controlling Pest Infestation

Is your field or home infested by the pests? Having problems getting rid of them completely? Here are the latest technologies that are used world-wide for pest control.

Pests can be very dangerous to humans as well as crops. From time to time new inventions are introduced to help humans get rid of these harmful organisms. The pest control company in Delhi has been working closely with scientists to bring in some effective and well-known techniques to curb pest infestation.

Here is a list of the latest techniques to help you get rid of the pests.

Non-toxic heat treatments

When we think about it mostly we imagine high doses of chemicals, but this new method of pest control is one of the low-toxic solutions. These have been said to be effective and more sustainable than being harsh. As sprays would often not be an effective method to kill insects, Rentokil’s Entotherm kills the insect from inside by dehydrating them. These heat treatments kill all the life stages of the insects thus, eliminating them completely.

Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs)

An invention that has made it easier for the agriculture sector. IGRs are synthetic insect hormones and are used to regulate the population of the pests. They interfere with the melting process and thus prevents them from reaching maturity.

They can be mixed with insecticides to kill the matured ones as well. They are not that toxic to the humans hence, it is used widely.

Biorational products

Another discovery has been about using pheromones, a chemical substance released by the insects, in the pesticides. These biochemical affect the behaviour or physiology of the species and they are non-toxic and have little to no negative impact on the environment.


This is the new technology that can be used as the future of pest control. Using this method, one can alter the key genes that regulate the fertility of the pests. This technology has given researchers a new perspective to effectively control pest infestation without causing any harm to nature. This can become one of the safest, scalable, and self-limiting methods to control the population of the pests.

Rodent birth control

Yes, you read it right. Through pest management, research is being done on rodent birth control. This can be a breakthrough to provide an effective method to control the breeders such as rats and mice sparing the non-target creatures. Still, research is going on to make it into the most efficient techniques to handle rodent control.

Final Say

With science, bringing in so many outputs, its’ hard to ignore the positive results. These techniques can change the face of pest control services in Gurgaon in the near future as they have zero effect on the environment. Creating a safe, and the eco-friendly alternative is the demand of the time which cannot be left unheard. Pest control in Delhi is working with scientists to bring in a better alternative to the market that can give 100% result without jeopardizing Mother Nature.

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