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Pest Control

One of the most stressful and annoying problem you may encounter as a homeowner is pest problems. Pest infestation has now become a common problem for every homeowner. But, sometimes even the homeowners don’t realize that they are having pest problems in their house. Bugs are not only nuisance but, harmful too for our health. They can spread diseases that’s why it is very important to keep the bugs out your home.

When you realize that you have a pest problem too in your home like the other homeowners then you want to find the quickest and longest-lasting pest control method. Well, in this article we’ll be discussing about some common types of pest problems you may encounter and also give you the tips and pest management plan to get rid of them. But, firstly we will discuss about different types of pests that are found inside and outside your home.

Indoor Pests


They are one of the most hated pests that can enter house through variety of ways. A poor housekeeping attracts these insects, which can transmit diseases. They enter your house through small gaps and cracks or through drains and sewer pipes. Cockroaches usually found in kitchen shelves in the search of food sources and in bathroom for moisture. You should look for the signs of cockroach infestation like droppings, unpleasant odors, cockroach eggs, etc. To keep the cockroaches away from your home keep your house neat and clean.


These are one of the pests that damage your property. They are destroyer of both food and property and the worst part is that they are expert in hiding. Because, of their body long and cylindrical in shape, they can go through some surprising small holes.

Fruit Flies

Another nuisance people experience is fruit flies infestation. You will see them in kitchen or near trash cans and garbage disposal. These are drawn to ripe, rotting or decayed produce fermented items like wine, beer and liquor.


This can be most dreadful and damaged infestation that could affect your home. Termite infestation can be a serious problem for you all as these insects infest your home and yard for an extended period with no immediate signs of damage.

Outdoor Pests

Fire Ants

Fire ants like sunny conditions and dry places they avoid shady areas. The main signs of fire ant activity is the worker and swarmer ants. Their sandy earthen mounds are easily visible after a recent rainfall.


As you may have noticed, Wasps tend to make nests under the eaves and gutters and sometimes just outside your home. Well, wasps are drawn to crumbs and sticky spills. So, by just keeping your garbage covered and your area neat and clean will make a big difference.


These are commonly the summertime pests and are highly active at night in the dark. They breed in standing water. They are not only nuisance and cause itchy bites but, they are also known for causing some deadly diseases.

How to Get Rid of Pests?

Depending on the type of the pests and insect infestation you have, the method of pest control vary. There are several techniques that you can use to keep the pests away from your home both chemical and organic pest control methods. If you want to know what you can do to control pest problem in your house then, here are some pest control tips that will help in controlling the population of pests in and around your house.

Use pesticides

In market you will find different types of pesticides to kill different types of pests. You can buy a pesticide to remove pests or reduce the population of pests at your home. But, make sure to choose the right pesticides that are not hazardous. Read the label before buying a product and look for your pest there.

Homemade remedies

Apart from pesticides there are several things that are effective in killing and removing pests that you can easily find in your kitchen. You can use ingredients like apple cider vinegar, garlic, coffee ground, borax and sugar solution, pepper spray, etc. to kill pests like roaches, rodents, flies, mosquitoes, ants, etc.

There are many people who go for DIY methods for pest control. Using pesticides and insecticides they try to control pest infestation but, this cannot provide them a long-term or permanent solutions. Pests are stubborn and it takes lots of time and different techniques to eliminate them from our house. Only the professionals can eradicate this problem and help you have a pest-free environment in and around your house. They are trained, knowledgeable and professionals and not only this they have proper tools and kits and different chemicals that they use to kill pests and remove them from your place. Using different methods they help you to get rid of the bugs and also prevent the growth of pest and insects again in your home.

When You Should Call A Pest Control Company?

You shouldn’t take Pest infestation problem lightly because pests can be really harmful for you and your family members’ health. Different types of pests cause and spread different types of diseases and this is the reason why you should immediately get rid of bugs or prohibit their entry in your house. Sometimes even after using several methods to control pests, homeowners fail to keep them away from their home or get rid of them. At such situation only the professionals can help you. Pest control companies provide different pest control services for a particular type of pests. They use different methods and treatments to help you to get rid of such nasty household pests in and around your home. But, here comes the question now that when you should call a pest control company.

If you are not sure when you should call the exterminators or professional pest control service provider in Gurgaon then, here are the common signs that tell you should call a pest control company for help.

Property Damage

Pests cannot only harm your health as it spread diseases but, they can harm your property as well. If you find any damages in your property like holes, scratches or cracks in furniture, wooden floor, pillar or holes in clothes and mattresses, you saw any chewed wiring or a hole through walls, etc. this means your home is invaded by some harmful pests like rodents, termites, etc. and you immediately require pest control service.

Droppings and Urine

Pests leave behind many signs that help you know they are also living in your property with you. If you spot wet urine in your kitchen shelve or anywhere in your home then it is a strong sign of the presence of rats or mice. In fact, you should intentionally look for the droppings in your kitchen or bathroom, well the cockroaches’ droppings are smaller and can be misunderstood with any other particles, but do not ignore such thing and immediately take actions for pest control or call the exterminator. For this you can check the bed frames, under the mattresses to see the sign of bed bugs that stay under your bed.

Scratching and Rustling Sounds

At night you will hear scratching sounds in your house, don’t worry they are not ghosts but pests. And this means the pests have invaded your home and you should immediately take some actions to get rid of them. If you can hear the scratching sound under your bed or rustling sound across your ceiling or from kitchen then there are surely rodents. But if the sounds are coming from inside the walls then there are chances of carpenter ants infestation at your home. Such pests grow faster and turn into severe infestation, which can damage your property. And to control the pest problems you should call exterminators.

Mud Tubes in Your Home

If you see mud tubes in your yard or at home, it means termites have invaded your home. Termites travel from one place to another through mud tubes. And to identify whether you have termite infestation or not then look for this sign, this is best visible sign of termite infestation. Generally, these mud tubes be seen on furniture, walls, gardens, doors, window frames, etc. This tube is long and will look like dirt or dried muds. Termites not only attack your home from inside but outside too, this means your gardens are affected with termites too. If you find mud tubes in your garden or home then, call the pest control expert for termite control solution.

These are the common signs of pest infestation. And if any of the above signs matches to your problems then you should immediately call a pest control company to get rid of some nasty and harmful pests that can spread diseases. Schedule an inspection with the best pest control service provider in Delhi to know what type of pests you have in your home. The technicians will come to your place to inspect what type of pest infestation they have to deal with. After knowing the types of the pest problem they will develop the right strategy or pest management plan to kill and remove pests. Using different techniques and tricks they will help you get rid of the bugs.

So, find and hire the best pest control company in Gurgaon to get rid of pest problems and enjoy safe and pest-free environment in and around your home.


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