Know About Termite Infestation

All You Need To Know About Termite Infestation!

Do you own a property? If yes, then that property is your biggest investment. If it gets infested by a small termite infestation, your property’s value will be destroyed quietly and quickly. If you understand about these pests you can divert the termite invasion easily. To know about them you need to know about signs of infestation, what they eat, etc.

Let’s check out few things that you might be doing wrong to invite termites to your house.

What attracts termites?

It is the nature of the termites to create colonies near the food source. The pest eats rotting, soft-wood and needs a moist area to thrive. So, you can find them in decayed wood and wet areas. If you don’t treat and maintain the wood near the property it can become the new place for the pests to live and feed in. such situations aggravate the infestation in your property and transfer them from natural habitats to developed properties.

There are different varieties of termites that can be found infesting the property. Some of the common ones are:

Subterranean termites

These types of termites are known to create colonies near the food source in the ground. They dig tunnels, also called mud tubes to move from one place to another. The nest of a subterranean are big and span over numerous properties.

Damp wood

As the name suggests, damp wood termites are drawn to soft and moist wood. They make colonies in structures that contain moisture. Places such as crawl spaces, cellars, sheds, outdoor wooden structures are their favorite spots.


Next on the list is dry-wood termite. Their name says it all. They flourish in dry wood and don’t require moisture to survive. If you have lots of wood stored in one place for a long time, they can be found in abundance. It is from there, they travel to different corners of the house even the garages and attics.

Few DIY you can try to protect your house from termite infestation

Piles of wood

Wood piles and firewood attract termites. They migrate from these piles of wood to your house. They may not cause much damage to the firewood but they may damage the house from within quickly. The best way to avoid this kind of invasion is by stacking the wood 20 feet away from the house and at least 5 inches above the ground. See to it that they don’t touch the ground.

Excess foliage

If you have lots of trees around your house then better keep the area clean of foliage. The rotting of dead stumps and trees attract termites. The termites use the foliage as a traveling medium to your property. So, to protect your house, remove the dead trees and stumps from the yard.

Tree leaves and limbs

If the branches of the trees near your house are touching the roofs or the walls of your house, that can invite termite to your house. These act like a pathway for the pest from the ground to the house. Trim the branches regularly and spray a disinfectant at regular intervals to keep the termites away.


Just as branches, the mulch can also draw termites nearer to the property. The chips of wood retain moisture and become a food source for these pests. This is like a treat for the damp-wood termites. By cleaning the mulch from time to time, you could lower the risk of pest infestation. So, try and keep mulch 15 inches away from the foundation and you can keep the pest infestation away.

Clogged Gutters

When your gutters get clogged up with twigs and leaves, the moisture gets accumulated. This can soften the twigs and allow them to rot. The termites can enter the house through these soft spots. To avoid that, clean the gutters and prevent these pests from invading your house.

Signs of termites

Normally, termites are not visible to humans. They remain hidden in the wood of the furniture or door. To determine termite infestation, you need to look out for certain signs and clues. It may be hard to spot these pests but silently they are finishing the wooden structure of your house. You can consult a professional pest control company to come and have a look at your house for any signs of termite infestation.


Swarms of termites shed wings after finding their mate. This can be a dominant sign that they are living in your house without your permission. They shed the wings just near the opening. If you see their wings on the porch or in the windows, then meet the pest control team immediately. To get rid of these pests.

Mud tubes

Mud tubes or tunnels are built by the termites to commute between the main colony and food source. If such tunnels are visible to you inside the wood or ground, then you can be sure that your house is infested with termites. Without any further ado, call for help and get rid of them as soon as possible.


Termite droppings are called frass. They are brown in color and tiny in size. They may often look similar to sawdust or wood particles as they munch on wood all the time. if you find these droppings in your house then your house is infested with pests. This is one of the prominent signs of termite infestation.

Structural damage

In the last stages of infestation, you will start noticing damaged wood structure around your property. If you ask a professional pest control company in Gurgaon, they will inspect your house and tell you if it is due to termite infestation or any other structural issue.

Pests such as termites slowly enter your house and silently eat away at the wood in the house. Whether it is furniture, wood structure, firewood, and even plants and trees near your house are not safe from the termite attack. While you have time ask for a piece of professional advice to say bye to these pests.

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