Everything You Should Know About Kitchen Pest Control

You would definitely not like that when you will open your box of cereals and would find that the pests have already eaten that. There are different varieties of pests that attack our kitchen or pantry area and cause the maximum damage as they can to the same. The worst part about pests at kitchen is that, they are not noticed until they become abundant.

When the situation becomes this much worst, you have no other option but to call the professionals for their assistance. Having the pest control companies to look into the matter is the last step but before that, you are supposed to learn a lot about pantry pest control. So here we go in our journey of learning a more about kitchen pest control services.

Common Kitchen Pests

One of the common pest types at kitchen is Weevils. They are a type of small beetle that can be found living in flour, cereal, and similar foods. They attack on dog food, bird feed, dried fruits and sometimes even chocolates can become their target. Saw-toothed grain beetles feed on cereals, pasta, flour, and meal. There are many other types of beetles also but they are occasional and feed on pantries.

Cigarette beetles and drugstore beetles are the two other different types. They target on herbs, spices, and other dried plant materials. There are flour moths also. They also target on the food material at kitchen. As they basically feed on the flour and this is a reason why they are called flour moths. They can be very-very destructive.

How Pests Make Their Way to Pantry

Now the big question here is that, how they make their way to pantry or how the insects get into our kitchen area. Sometimes they enter home from outside environment and invade the kitchen or the food items that are kept inside kitchen. But most of the time, when it is kitchen pests they breed inside the home only from the infested food material.

This means when they get a way to breed, they make their territory at kitchen. These products can become infested with pests at any point in the supply chain, such as in factories, warehouses, delivery trucks, or stores. You know what is the worst part of pest infestation in food items is, as long as a food item is stored at a place there are high chances of it in getting infested. There are more chances for the bugs to infest the food item if it is left unattended at a place for a longer time.

Tips for Controlling Pantry Pests

So, the pests are already there in your territory. Despite the best efforts from your side if still the pests passed to enter your regime then now it is time for action. There are certain ways and tips that can help you in controlling the pantry pests. We are mentioning the most important tips for controlling pantry pests here.

Inspect Food Products Before Buying: Well, there are many better ways to meet up with the challenges. But, there cannot be any other thing better than avoiding problem to enter your kitchen. This will happen if you will inspect the food products before buying. Even slight signs of damage to the packaging could be a sign that bugs are present. Before you buy any grocery or food item, inspect for pest attack.

Put Grocery in Air Tight Bags or Boxes: Moisture is the biggest reason that lets the pests enter your territory. In order to save your food item from any kind of bug or moth attack, you should use the air tight plastic bags or containers to store them. With no air flow, there would be no chance of moisture and hence your food item would be saved well.

Get Rid of Infested Food: Infested food is the direct invitation to pests. If you wish that every item in your pantry should remain safe and secure then you have to do regular quality check. You need to check if there is any infested food item. In case you find then with the immediate effect you should remove it from the premises. There is no use of keeping such item that becomes unwanted invitation to the pests.

Call Pest Control Experts: Well, it is your kitchen and not the pest’s territory. If you find that your property is being affected by the nasty creatures then you are supposed to take action. Things can be controlled when it is just the initial days but when it is the worst infestation, you need the experts to handle the situation. Call the pest control company if you find that the infestation level is high.

The Bottom Line

Kitchen is the most affected place from pest attack. As there are food items stored, it becomes easy target for the pests. The infested food is not good but can be very dangerous to health as well. If you wish to stay fit and don’t want that your loved ones should suffer from any kind of diseases or health issues because of pests then you should regularly investigate the food materials. Regular pest control in kitchen is a great way out to deal with the process. Along with this, if you will choose herbal pest control services then there are high chances for you to get an odourless solution. The chemical free pest control will not spoil the atmosphere of your pantry and you can cook and eat healthy there.

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