Ways to Pest Control for Cockroach Infestation in Best Possible Manner

Who likes pest wreaking havoc in their place? No one! We won’t like to wake up in a place that is swarming with cockroaches. You must run pest control regularly to protect your loved ones from discomfort and deadly diseases that could be brought about by cockroaches or pest infestation.

These issues need to be tackled efficiently using tricks and tips. There are chemical and natural remedies to control infestation and all you need is proper guidance. If your apartment is infested, then don’t overlook the scenario and prevent them from spreading by using the following ways.

Ways to tackle cockroach infestation in apartments:

Having any kind of pest infestation can be the beginning of problems especially cockroaches. The treatment should not be delayed, and one must hire pest control services to ensure complete eradication of the bug.

These bugs are sometimes carriers of harmful pathogens leading to the bad health of the residents. Spending a small amount in hiring a professional pest control service provider you can save on hospital bills in the future. Lets’ find out ways to control cockroach infestation at home.

Inform the property owner or landlord

The first step one must take if they find their flat is cockroach-infested is to inform the landlord about the situation. Generally, the lease agreement encloses all the clauses on what to do if the place gets infested.

They may also inform you about contact or the contact details of the professional Gurgaon pest control service provider handling roach infestation. Informing the property owner can help you understand the history of infestation in your place.

Keeping the place clean

Basically, the bugs thrive in places that are not cleaned or dusted regularly. Any seepage or crack can lead to an outbreak of roach infestation.

The most effective way to control pests is to clean every nook and corner regularly. This can be a hard and tiring task but this sure keeps the cockroaches at bay.

Examine hiding places of pests

Remember how your mother was always on the hunt of any discarded food or dirt. This was a way to keep an eye out for roach infestation. If you keep these places in check you could stop any kind of pest outbreak in your home.

Utilize baits

Another way to get rid of roaches is by treating them with sprays and insecticides bought from any reliable store. They can bring down pest infestation down significantly. If the pests haven’t created menace yet using sprays can be used at the initial stages.


Another easy method to get rid of cockroach infestation is by vacuuming. In apartments, dirt and dust can accumulate in cracks, holes or widow edges.

These can be cleared by vacuum ensuring all the hidden space is clear of all dirt that can lead to pest infestation. By vacuuming you can bring down cockroach infestation to a great extent.

Fixing leaking pipes

It is understood that if you ignore any leaks and seepage this could destroy the interiors of your heaven. Damp and wet spaces attract pest infestation that could become a bigger problem for you.

If you find a seepage make sure to get it fixed or hire professionals to repair the faulty taps and pipes. Try to keep your space dry and clean.

Take extra care of the Kitchen

Sometimes left out dishes, leftover food, or even piling garbage is all the invitation pests need. As the kitchen is a place where crumbs and expired products can be found.

Just keep the garbage bin clean, cabinets cleaned of all the expired products, keep food in airtight containers. This way there will be very little chance of pest infestation in your kitchen.

Baseboards’ treatment

Loose baseboards, any cracks, and outlets can easily turn into the breeding ground for the pests. Using diatomaceous earth powder can prove to be beneficial in this case. One can use it as a pesticide as they kill the roaches and other pests by dehydrating.

Treat the Doors

One can easily buy door seal set. Investing in one of these products can stop pests from getting entry to your house.  The door seal set protrudes to the bottom of the door seals in between the floor and the door. This reduces the chance of roaches or pest infestation.

Maintenance routine

Run a maintenance routine once a month, to keep any kind of infestation in check.

Drains and pipes – Products are available in the market that can clean blocked drains and pipes. This monthly routine can also help you keep leaky pipes in check.

Shelves and cabinets – Naphthalene balls or other such products should be placed properly after monthly cleaning and sanitization of the shelves and cabinets. Use neem sprays to cover wooden cracks, paint and varnish to keep pests away.

Entrances – It’s best to seal wall cracks and secure electrical sockets that remain unused and bond the kitchen sinks that can lead to breeding of the pests.

Hire exterminators

When none of your ways work, it’s best to leave the work of pest control to the professionals. You can contact professional pest control service providers to help your house get rid of the pest infestation.

There are many companies who give decent discounts on regular treatments. This way you can steer clear from troubles caused by the pest infestation.

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