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Signs of termite infestation and how to get rid of them forever

Termites also called as “white ants” are the silent destroyers, because they have the ability to chew through wood flooring and walls undetected. They are really hard to get rid of when go unnoticed in the starting. The termite colony starts when winged termites swarm and mate. A single termite doesn’t look dangerous, but when there’s the whole colony of a termite then they can make serious structural damage on a home in a fairly short period of time. Hence, you should take precautionary measures to keep the termites away from your house. And in case they have already invaded your house then call the exterminators or termite control specialist before they will make the extermination difficult.

But, before you will know whether you have termite infestation or not you will have to first look for the signs that tell you have termites in your home.

Top Signs of a Termite Infestation

It is really important to regularly inspect your property to look for the signs of termite infestation. And there’s surely termite infestation if you see the following signs in your house: –

Swarmer and Discarded Wings

Flying termites lose their wings when they mate and this is the most important signs of having termite infestation. The male and female termites pair up and then crawl to a suitable location for nesting, which is most probably our homes. This happens after the winter season in springtime.

Mud Tubes

Termites go deeper in the soil in the winter season to get the required warmth to be alive. And then in springtime they travel through a tunnel to your house from the soil. These tunnels can be easily seen in your garden and walls as well. The mud tubes are the sign that termites have already entered your home and started damaging your property.

Wood Damage

Termites need cellulose for energy thus, they eat all the things that contains cellulose. Wood is made of cellulose and paper and cardboards also contain cellulose hence, are the great attractions for the termites. They have the capacity to damage wooden house, furniture, etc. Every year termites cause billion dollars in damages property. So, the woods that sound hallow always indicate the sign of termite infestation. Homeowners should look for the blistering pieces of woods to know whether the termites have entered their house or not.

Uneven or Bubbling Paint

Most of the times the bubbles you see on wooden flooring or walls as well, it’s the sign of the water but this could also be the early sign of termite infestation. Even the bubbling or peeling of paints the sign of water laden


One of the most common signs of termite infestation is frass that’s actually the sign of dry wood termite infestation. They produce wood-colored droppings when they eat through infested wood. If you will see or find small pile of something that looks like pellets inside or outside your house then this could be a sign of dry wood termite infestation.

These are the common signs of termite infestation but, there are many other things that you must know about termites and termite infestation so that you can take the right steps to get rid of them.

Different Types of Termites

Mainly there are three kinds of termites in the world that are Dampwood, Drywood and Subterranean. Dampwood likes to live in forested areas while as the drywood termites can be found in homes. Subterranean termites require moist environments hence they are found in the soil and also are the most destructive species. But, now comes the question that how would you recognize or identify them. So, that depends on where you are living or residing. Termite swarms are visible in early spring. But, they often confused with flying ants. You can go for the signs that we have mentioned above to know what type of termite infestation you have in your house.

How Homeowners Can Prevent Termites?

There are several ways through which you can prevent termite infestation at your home or office. The most important thing is to eliminate or reduce moisture in and around their property to avoid termite infestation. Here are the important things can be done to prevent termites: –

  • Reduce humidity and maintain proper ventilation
  • Trim grasses and trees and other vegetation to prevent them.
  • Keep the woods at least 5 feet away from your house.
  • Maintain at least 18 inches gap between soil and any wood portion of your house.
  • Always inspect your house to look for the signs of termite or damages caused by them.

How to Get Rid of Termites?

Well, the easiest and best way to get rid of the termites to call the pest control professionals. Not only they will help you remove them from your house, but also keep them away from your house. They check each and every nook of your house to see the damages caused by the termites and how the severe the infestation is. Then they develop the right pest management plan to kill and remove termites completely from your property.

So, hire the professionals, who can provide the most effective treatment options to completely eliminate termites and also ensure that termites will not come back.

And if you are planning to do it yourself then you should think twice because the termicides that are especially designed to kill termites are not safe for humans. Even a single mistake while applying or using the chemical can cause severe injuries or damages. Still if you are ready and have experience of doing it by yourself then you can do the following things: –

Over the counter treatments

There are several of over-the-counter treatments available that you can use to kill and eliminate termites. Go to local shop and ask the vendor if they have could recommend something that are best to kill termites. Or, the best way to search online. But, while using the pesticides you will have to be very cautious as they contain harsh chemicals which can be really dangerous to people as well as pets and plants. So, make sure to read the directions and instructions written on the product label before applying.

Use Traps

If not the harsh chemicals then you can go for some traps that can help you to get rid of termite infestation. You can use cardboard traps, not the entire infestation but will help to get rid of some of them. You can use this tip to attract termites. As they feed on cellulose so cardboard will attract them. You will immediately see hundreds of termites on that cardboard and then you can remove that cardboard from your place and burn it.

Sunlight on wood

Termites are sensitive to sunlight. They can stand the extreme heat of the sunrays. If it is a wood furniture which is infested with termites at your house then you can simply put that furniture out in the sun.

It needs an expert eye to inspect the property properly and locate every part of a termite infestation and remove it. If you are not confident in doing it by yourself or you think the infestation is severe then you should call the termite control specialists who can easily remove them from your house and provide you complete peace of mind.

So, make sure to call the right and professional pest control services in Delhi that are experience in removing termites.

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